Noob question manual bypass sensor

hy guys !
so basically i made a dehumidifier automation, everything working ok... but i want to be able to use the switch manually and bypass the sensor automation... i tried various methods non of them works... any help will be appreciated


I wasn't able to deploy your flow since I don't have the time-range-switch node. But how I approach this is with a flow or global variable that I set a status of with my bypass switch and then run a switch node to check the status of your variable prior to executing the actions on the dehumidifier.

Thanks for the reply.. i figured out that if i add a range to the sensor <> percentage you can disable if it's below a certain range and enable if get above... so i just keep the flow as it is and works perfect... i just mess with my ideas.... you don't need to start you dehumidifier if you don't have humidity in you room right? :rofl::rofl: so why do you need a manual switch? Anyway... i delete the time range (outside) conection from the switch off and that gets the job done < 65% daytime automatically turns on and off as soon it's get 55%, outside of the time range you can manually switch on and get automatically off when below 55 that's it thanks again cheers!

I do a similar approach with the bathroom fan in my kid's bathroom (since they never turn it on when taking a shower). I just use a Switch node to go between High and Low humidity so the logic is in NodeRed and I can easily tweak if I need to.

I use an esp 8266 / dht22 / tasmota to measure the temp and humidity and a smart plug to power on the dehumidifier... how do you control your fan? Sonoff?

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