Notion Flows not working and how to contact author?

I am trying to get the following flow going:

but I keep getting the error:

error: "Request failed: Headers is not defined"

However, the set of integration properties for these flows do not reveal the header options to update. I can see 15 people have downloaded this flow set this week, so presumably there are many many people that are getting the same error. I have been trying to contact the owner Staph but how no idea how? Nothing happens when I click his/her name and I cannot find him/her on github.

So I am a little lost. I have used msg.headers in other flows before but as this is flow set I think the headers are embedded in the properties along with other features I want to utilise like retry etc.

You could try emailing the publisher: node.js - How to get the email address of an owner of an npm package? - Stack Overflow


Any update? Did you get it working? Need help?

Thanks for following up Joe. I felt that any 'hacky' method was probably an invasion of Steph's privacy so I simply used the built in HTTP Request node rather than Stephs prebuilt ones. I looked as his code

it is does have the correct header in there so I am not sure what the issue is.

And given it is getting downloaded 15 times per week I am guessing it is a "me" issue rather than a code issue. Hence stopping the hunt for Steph and doing my own thing

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Sounds great! The beauty of open source :slight_smile: