NR and Postgres query

I have a database with the following columns...
id t_1 t_2 t_3 ... t_(n)

I have a function which queries t_1 based on a row id and the returned message.payload looks like this...


I am trying to get a function that detects if t_1 is null as per the below...


I'm sure my problem is in Line 2 but I am not sure how to drill down to the point where t_1 is null

Have also tried the switch node as my result is either null or not but feel my issue is kind of the same regardless, I have a syntax error.

Any ideas greatly appreciated

Ohhh, I think msg.object might have found the null answer. I'm now so tired I will have to check this tomorrow, sorry if I wasted anyones time.

if (msg.payload.rows[0].t_1 === null )

You can always click on "Copy Path" at the position of the value if you are uncertain


Ooh, fantastic. I didn't know that, thank you so much.

I haven't fixed my problem but this should help me.

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