NR Lint indicates "loop detected"

Hi all,

After upgrading from version 1.3.5 to version 2.0.5 (which went fine), I decided to try the new features, like the debugger, lint and Monaco editor. All looks fine and I think it is a enormous step forward for Node Red. Compliments to developers.

I tried the Lint on my existing flows. Some of them run already for 2 -3 years without any issues.
The majority of the indicated errors were nodes not aligned to the grid. That is easy to solve.
However I have now 8 errors left, indicating "loop detected".

Part of the flow looks as follows:

This flow has to scrape a webpage and I'm interested in two elements, which are extracted from the HTML code. In order to join them later in a "Join" node, I added 2 "Change" nodes to set each topic, to be used in the "Join" node.

I do not know a simpler solution to avoid the "Lint" error.

The other "loop detected" errors are all similar, two branches, that are joined.

Is this the intended behavior and if so, can it be avoided?


I don't know why it thinks there is a loop, but a better way to do what you want might be to do the operations in series instead of in parallel. Do the first one and move the result to a message property then do the second.

What version of nrlint have you got? The latest release includes a fix for the loop detection code that wasn't handling cars like yours.


I use the latest version (I installed it yesterday), version 1.0.2.

Then please raise an issue with an example flow so it can be investigated and fixed.


Created an issue on Github.

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