NR "needs" IPv6?

I have been running NR in Docker for over 3 years and never once had a problem with outbound connections until today when I disabled IPv6 in the host's kernel. After doing so I found that all outbound IP connections from nodes AND the palette manager failed with a EAFNOSUPPORT error.

I searched for reasons this might happen with NR, Docker, and npm and found nothing. Re-enabling IPv6 in the kernel restored normal operations.

What is up with this?

I had disabled IPv6 on all 11 of my systems and this was the only case where it broke something.

Node-RED does not need IPv6 to the best of my knowledge. Much more likely that it is a Docker configuration issue I would think.

Node-RED is built using node.js and I've not found any specific IPv6 issues on node.js other than the issues that IPv6 itself brings to everything.

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I had the same thought but found nothing when I looked last night. This morning, being properly caffeinated, I find that it was an issue a couple years ago but it shouldn't be at this point.

In the mean time, I changed my strategy for disabling IPv6. Instead of disabling in the kernel I've just disabled DHCPv6 service on OPNsense so only the default addresses get generated on each host.

If/when I find something more enlightening I'll post here.

Thanks for the replay, @TotallyInformation

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