Odd bug in comment node

Node-RED version: v1.3.5
Node.js version: v12.19.0


This may be due to the fact that hasOwnProperty is a defined JS method name, but a quick look has not turned up any other cases. Please don't ask how I stumbled on this.

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please raise it as an issue so we can track it... thanks
(PS and same with other nodes like function etc...)

Now fixed in git. Will be in the next 1.3.x and 2.x releases.

Nick, does that also fix entering the comment __proto__.

I found that particular comment causes an array of issues e.g.

  • after OKing the comment and clicking elsewhere, you cant get into the quick add popup (CTRL+Click),
  • you cant delete the comment.
  • Sometimes cannot get into any nodes UI
  • And this is in the console log...

Yes - it prevents all prototype pollution of the internal text dimension cache.

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