Off topic ... but I just need to extract a tar.gz file and keep owner & group?


I apologise for this being off topic, but I have tried all day and some of yesterday, to extract with correct owner and group and failed.

I have a host pc ( where the tar file comes from ) and a remote PC, on both I am user gb
As you can see from the image, it has 1 folder on the host PC, with owner of 5050 and group root. This I need to retain !

If i extract the tar file, it loses the user & group and becomes gb

I have tried various methods to copy this, from my host PC to remote including ssh rsync scp, I am totally lost now, of how to retain the owner and group ? :roll_eyes:

I know that most of you are far far more knowledgeable than me, so hopefully it is an easy fix ?


Hi, If you want all files to be in the root group after unzipping, you must give the correct group to each file before zipping.


All I know is if the files do not have the exact number and group, pgAdmin4 will not run.

pgAdmin4 is run from inside docker and it was originally on another PC, so that is where the unusual numbers come from. :thinking:

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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