Ok, I am really digging the new Javascript editor environment in NR 3.0, but I noticed something?

I happen to type 'node.warm(msg);' and then saved the function node, and the new code validation did not flag that is wrong and the flow executed.... the node.warm never executed of course. That not a bug? Bad command error no? Or bad method of node class error?

No, not a bug.

node is declared as an object under the hood so compile time checking is ok with that part. Properties and functions of an object are dynamic and only evaluated at runtime.

There is nothing stopping you writing node.warm = node.warn and it would actually work.

That is a good point I had not considered... that if I added a property to node object. Well, that explains it. Was good for laugh, but really did wonder. So much for strict syntax rules!

Syntax is the relevant word. There is nothing wrong with the syntax.

Was my comment not obviously humorously sarcastic? :slight_smile: I must be slipping.

No, it was ambiguously humorously sarcastic. :slight_smile:

LOL! Nice.

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