Ok, I have to ask: What's the difference between an externally written node and a subflow?

The title kind of speaks for itself.

But I was just wondering what the difference is.

A subflow is limited to 1 input.
I'm not exactly sure a node is.

Not that I have ever really seen any nodes with more than 1 input.

Other than with a subflow you can see the inner workings.......
And change them if you desire.

But in all honesty, I guess you can with a node too.
It is just a different method of doing it.

All nodes have that restriction.

A subflow is implemented by you in the Node-RED editor. Its inner workings are a flow of nodes.

A 'regular' node is implemented in JavaScript.

A subflow exists as a "thing" in your flow file. If you delete your flow file, you no longer have any subflows defined.

A node is installed into the runtime via npm. It will be available in the palette regardless of what flows file the runtime is told to use.

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