Ok, subflows - again - confused about looking at their nodes

I kind of agree Steve, but all/most of my early programming was in BASIC. It only had global variables. And their name length was limited.

I get what you are saying and do agree. But I am (as yet) still not smart enough to know all the tricks to do exactly that.

Also, the subflow I make is more a macro for multiple use times for the same thing but just subtle changes - like location for the weather flow.

Again I agree in some ways. But not in others.

And I think you just edited your post to cover what I was about to say.

I can't use the weather subflow anywhere else. It is specifically designed to determine which icon to show.

Alas I never got to study the various disciplines (no offence). I was most of my life a BASIC programmer.

I touched a variation of REXX for some time, a bit of machine code programming and now am into JS, Python, and something else - I think - which I just now can't remember.
Oh: network programming. If that constitutes a language.


As I said, after the sitting down last night: I see I was kind of in the process of sending all the stuff in the message. I somehow got distracted and forgot that and so fell back on $parent context.

Until specific weather conditions happen it is difficult to test all possibilities. Like with snow.