Parent flow context question

I am successfully using flow.get('$') in several subflows necessarily located in one, what has become overtime a very large flow, the result is node-red slows to a crawl when I am on that flow page, I want to split the flow on to 2 pages to get over this problem and the easiest solution would be to move the subflows to a new flow.

My question, is there any way to point $parent. to a specific flow page or constrained to having the subflows on the same flow page ( or perhaps converting all the flow.get / flow.set to global.get / global.set

Hi @Dave,

don't think that it is possible. As I know (but not for sure) a subfow is copied into each flow where it is used during deploy. They are not instances of the same thing in the runtime.
This is why you don`t see the flow.context when you edit a subflow (which is painfull). I think you have to use global.context if you like to see the data on different flows / subflows.

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