Ok, this is a new alert!


Sorry, but I just got this pop up on my NR:

(sorry not good with getting the formatting on the new site working)

npm WARN notice [SECURITY] concat-with-sourcemaps has the following vulnerability: 1 moderate. Go here for more details: https://nodesecurity.io/advisories?search=concat-with-sourcemaps&version=1.0.5 - Run npm i npm@latest -g to upgrade your npm version, and then npm audit to get more info.
(and a whole lot more, which I am not allowed to include in the post at this stage.)

I am going through what it says, but the message looks incomplete if you look at the end…

So, should I be worried?



Nothing for you to worry about. NPM added this audit check in npm 6 and for you, as an end user, there’s not much you can do. It will be up to the node author to keep their dependencies up to date.