One - time delay

There is a node for a one-time delay? .... somehow can't find.

Not sure what is a one time delay… but the “delay” node is there by default.

I just don't want to delay the first time after that.

Do you mean the first message is to be delayed, but not the messages after the first one?

Yes. What I need.

Suppose you have the delay set to 10 seconds.
If the first message arrives at time 0 seconds, then you want that released at time 10 seconds
If the second message arrives at time 5 seconds, when to you want it released?
If the third arrives at time 20, when you want it released?

The delay node can be set up to respond to msg.delay, but if msg.delay is missing it uses the time specified in the node.

So you could use flow context and change nodes to set msg.delay = 0 after the first message has passed.

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I have in the house heat pump with floor heating. The idea is: I would like to control the heating circles in the house differently.Some rooms should be preferred, but only for a certain time. I control only the bare necessities... All others remain uncontrolled. At the moment it is controlled differently than I would like.

I don't understand how that relates to the question you asked. In order for us to help you have to ask clear questions.

I don't need timedelay the first True once delayed afterwards. after the false reset so that the next True can be active once again. Sorry :::use translators

Please give an example sequence of events, with times, to illustrate what should happen. You did not respond to my previous post, which was:

At the first message, 10 s. is extended. No matter what comes within 10s for true messages. When the 10s have expired, all true messages will be passed on without delay

Do you mean that you want to ignore messages within that 10 seconds?
What about False messages?

This post has a suggestion which may be what you are looking for

Not only that but this post has a suggestion that will delay initial messages[s] until 10 seconds have elapsed and pass messages received ater 10s without delay.

Yes, @jbudd's suggestion earlier should also do what you want.

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