Onewire sensors: read all out

I'd like to read out all my onewire sensors at once, but only get one?


This leads to multiple read-outs from the last sensor:

Since your flow requires the sensors on your network, this is all we see... so no idea how to even begin...

Sorry, I guess, you have to have onewire setup and running for this, yes!

because, I can check all onewire-endpoints right here:

And I expected to have the selected nodes to be given out as individual msg.topics/msg.payloads, but as it seems, they're read out and only the last one gets spit out...?
but perhaps I did something wrong, that's why I'm asking.

As this is a node specific issue, perhaps best to check the contribs git-hub page... I found a similar issue there...

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When your node returns data, stick a debug node (set to show COMPLETE MESSAGE) and paste that.

Not a screen shot!

This may help people understand what is going on.

Also see my post in your other thread. It is best not to start two closely related threads at the same time, it just causes confusion.

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