OneWire sensors on Windows PC

I'm just getting started with Node-Red (on Windows 8.1). I have several DS19B20 temperature sensors interfaced to the PC via a DS9490R OneWire to USB device. How do I get Node-Red to read the temperatures from these sensors? If the answer involves using OWFS, please can you explain exactly what I have to download and install on my Windows PC in order to get this to work?

Thanks - Rowan

Have you tried a serial terminal tool to see what is coming out of the device? I assume you have the device drivers installed? Have you tried the OnewireViewer app?

I use OWFS (with node-red-contrib-owfs) but not on Windows, and I see from there website that Windows support may not be fully stable. The fact that you have had no response here may mean that you will be on your own if you try that route.
If see by searching the flows site that there are some other 1-wire nodes, but whether they work on Windows I don't know.
I think most that use 1-wire do this on Pis, in which case it is very easy. You might like to consider this route.