Ds18b20 Node-red-piervin-sensor-wired not work on rpi zero wh with node red 1.02

ds18b20 node-red-piervin-sensor-wired not work on rpi zero wh with raspbian stretch lite and node red 1.02 after update from node red 1.0.On rpi3b+ its work. I change many sensors and 1-wire pin but no effect.
I show sensor id on dashboard but not temperature.
please help me
Sorry for my bad english!

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Have you followed the instructions in the readme?

I've tried all the nodes I've worked with so far, but it only shows me the sensor number.
On RPI3B+ no problems with same configuration of software.

Set a flow up as shown in the node's readme and show us what you get in the debug node.

My RPI's in the office, I'll be able to say tomorrow.
Thank you very much for your reply in such a short time.


Your node output contains an object with id and temperature. You need to add a change node to get the temperature. Set msg.payload to msg.payload.temperature, that should do the trick.