OPC-UA Error: "Invalid Channel BadConnectionClosed"

I have been developing a system to read information from some production lines using OPC-UA.

After a bit of a rough start, my system currently includes 4 lines that are working without incidents.

I'm trying to include two more lines from the same vendor in the system, they use the same type of configuration and some of the modules in the machines are identical:


However, one of the lines connects in the beginning but later it times out, giving some errors. At the same time, UAExpert does not report any network issues that would justify the connection problems, and just keeps showing the normal parameters.

With the last line is even worse: it does not connect, it reports that the connection attempt has been rejected by server/timed out. However, UAExpert can access and display the values I need to read without any issues, and the configuration data is exactly the same.


In addition to that, I do have a catch error node in the same tab, but it does not seem to work with the aforementioned errors.

Any ideas on what would cause that?

(I already opened error ticket #371 on the Github OPC-UA node page, but I wanted to ask in case some of you encountered the same issue and could solve it on your own).

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