OPC UA Server to comunicate with a scada

Hi, there is any example about an OPC UA server? I'm new on it and I have some doubts, also the examples that I looked doesn't solve my doubts.

My node red receives data via MQTT and I need to create the OPCUA server to comunicate this data with a future SCADA, which is my endpoint in this three elements? I'm assuming that is the endpoint created with the opcua server node.


Which scada are you using? If it is recent it might support MQTT itself.

Secondly, why are you paying for a scada? I'm actively reducing the number of scada licences and replacing the data acquisition side with node-red and the HMI part with either physical HMIs or web / dashboard.

Lastly, I've not myself created an OPCUA server in node-red but there are several packages for doing this.

Well I need to ask it because I'm working for others and they asked me for OPC UA, but I consider this idea of MQTT.
About the packages I had it, but due to my little experience now I'm trying to understand how I can use it to create the server and his functioning.

Thanks Steve!

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