OPC write/read problem

Hello guys, I've problem with OPC.

I need to read the value through the OPC and after that write the value through the OPC, but only in one line. Is it even possible?

Thanks for reply.

Pretty sure the lack of details will get you a fairly useless response.

What node are you using?

Is this OPCUA or DA or XML?

Do you have a sample flow to paste?

What do you mean by "one line"?

Have you managed to read? Or is that the problem?

Have you managed to read but can't write - is that the problem?

What OPC server are you trying to communicate to? Kepware? An OPC server in a PLC? A custom OPC server?

What have you tried so far?

What errors/ issues are you seeing?

We are pretty good here but unfortunately not mind readers :slight_smile: