OPCUA "ReferenceError: opcuaBasics is not defined"

I am using OPCUA in node-red. I am getting "ReferenceError: opcuaBasics is not defined". I have installed "node-red-contrib-opcua (0.2.299)". Plz suggest.

@mr.saubhagya Welcome to the forum,

  1. latest version of node-red-contrib-opcua is v0.2.302
  2. what version of Node-RED and node.js are you running (you can get these from the NR startup log or open a terminal window on the device running NR and type node -v)
  3. have you used OpcUa-Item to define variables? (per the node's readme)
  4. Try adding a change node connected to a debug node (set to display the complete msg object) qaand see if that gives more information
  5. which of the OPC nodes are you using?

can you create a small flow demonstrating the issue? If you can please export it and attach it to a reply.

Please make sure to answer ALL of the questions.

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Thank you.
I updated the node version and it worked.

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