OPCUA Write ExtensionObject (nodered->PLC)

Hello there,

I'm currently working with a Siemens PLC 1513 with OPCUA server and node-red-contrib-opcua:0.2.279 for communication. I'm interesed writting a ExtensionObject datatype variable that I can currently read but not write.
I'm able to write variables inside that Object individually but I'd like to write all data just in a single request.

Has anybody ever achieved this write action? Is it even supported?

Thanks in advance!

Hello there,

For anyone facing this issue, the problem is solved from node-red-contrib-opcua:0.2.281 on.

Thanks to @mikakaraila's great work we are now able to write extension objects on OPCUA.
You can follow the already closed issue on: ExtensionObject support · Issue #298 · mikakaraila/node-red-contrib-opcua · GitHub

Just bare in mind that is mandatory to specify the typeId to constructExtensionObject.

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