Openssl certification

Hi, I have set up an openSSL certificate on my node red server by following the very excellent 'Securing Node-Red with SSL and Username Authentication instructions' from Steve (don't know his surname). I tried to move the microSD from my Pi4 to my Pi zero but the Alexa node wont work. Its says connecting all the time. So, my question is can I set up a new second node red server on the Pi zero with a second openSSL certificate so they both have different login and password authentication. Cheers...

You can't just move the SD card from a 4 to a 0 as the processor chip is a different architecture.
You need to re-run the install script once on the zero - hopefully it will downgrade the version of node.js to one compatible with the arm6 chip, and then restart and it should be ok... but it's not a normal path we test often.

(As it happens you can go the other way... but...)

Hi, thank for your reply, do you mean run this script:

bash <(curl -sL

Cheers Don...

Yes, I am sure he does.

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