OpenWeatherMap problem

I'm trying to use the openweathemap node. I registered on the site and I have the API key
But when I deploy there is an error and the API key disappears. When I go to manage palette and navigate to installed nodes, the openweathermap node show an warning sign and " MODULE_NOT_FOUND" .
I removed the node and re-installed it and its the same thing. I'm using nodered Version 3.0.2

Thank you

I updated everything and now it works, sorry for the inconvenience

Thanks for letting us know despite nobody answering you! :slight_smile:

Well to be fair to all the good people here., the topic was opened only 3 hours.. I had time and played around.
My setup is installed in TrueNAS jail so i had some problems that i did not know it wasn't updated :man_facepalming:

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