Orchestrate microservices


I am analyzing some tools in order to orchestrate some microservices, so as to guarantee a synchronous process between all of them. Does node-red work for this purpose?

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Depends how you communicate to these microservices.

node-red can talk many protocols on many mediums.

Perhaps you you provide a bit more info we can advise?

Are you meaning node-red would communicate to these services via REST apis? UDP? TCP? Serial? MQTT?

PS all of this :arrow_up: is possible & common place in node-red.

What is meant by "guarantee a synchronous process" - you can certainly ensure services are avaiable but ensuring synchronous process? Please explain what you are hoping to achieve.

Thanks for answering. The communication would be via REST APIs. With "guarantee a synchronous process" I meant to call a microservice, wait for its response and depending on it, decide the action to take.

Then, yes, all day long every day. This is all built into core.

The built in http request node can GET/POST/WHATEVER_YOU_DECIDE (plus headers if needed) to a REST interface & return the data (JSON / String / Buffer / whatever). From there depending on your criteria you might want to perform processing based on the statusCode or the data returned.

NOTE: The http requests are async by design (to prevent blocking) BUT as a node-red flow wont process the next item until the http request is resolved and returned - to all intents and purposes - appears to be synchronous.

There are far more possibilities that I am able to describe.

There are contrib nodes (like state machines, CRON, PLC Drivers) than can further automate things.

For example, I have one instance authenticates against users in a CouchDB, retrieves a cookie/token then performs POSTs/GETs etc against the DB using the cookie/token - all via HTTP

See here for a bit more info related to HTTP capabilities (note, this is only scratching the surface)

See this playlist: Node-RED Essentials. It is by the developers of node-red. They're nice & short and to the point. You should get a good feel for node-red in about 1hr.


Thank you very much for the info

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