Organizing multiple flows or multiple NR instances?

Hi all

I often end up with multiple (like in many) flows in my NodeRED setup, making it a bit challenging navigating through flows. Typical I have 3-4 flows for a project that gets duplicated, generating more flows. I miss a visual grouping function, coloring flows function or similar, but at the same time produces a simple overview. What examples I should look for? It makes me consider dividing my projects up in multiple NR instances on the same server, but is this even possible?

In fact, there already is a visual grouping function, try select some nodes and hit ctrl-shift-g

As for duplicating flows, have you had a look at Subflows? :wink:

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Just what I was looking for and fore sure reduce my visual chaos :slight_smile:
Thank you.

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The other thing to consider is whether you can avoid duplicated flows. Have you looked at subflows and link call nodes as a possible help?

Whenever you find yourself repeating code there is almost always a better alternative.

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