OwnTracks location tracking without public IP/MQTT

Here's a link to a short tutorial on setting up location tracking with OwnTracks and Webhook Relay without exposing Node-RED to the internet:

Disclaimer: Webhook Relay is my side project :slight_smile: Free tier available and if you need higher limits, feel free to ping me and I will increase them.


Thanks for sharing this tutorial.
I had been using CloudMQTT as the gateway for tracking the GPS location of my mobile phone, but WebHooks is a lot easier.

When I have some spare time I intend to update my tutorial (linked below) to use WebHooks.

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Thanks @dynamicdave!

I start to learn Node and i try to follow tuto but something are not clear for me i'm not able to display my position in the map i thing the value i send when i click on Button (payload: value) is not correct

This is my DataBase

@rusenask thanks a lot, one of the best and to the point tutorial I had come across till now :slight_smile:

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@rusenask could you please assist me in configuring world map node. I followed this tutorial but my worldmap is not getting connected. I do not know how can I fill the fields in the worldmap node. Would be glad if you could help. Thanks :slight_smile:

you might want to add a debug node right after 'format JSON' node to see what is it getting, that might help :slight_smile:

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@rusenask is there a limit no. of webhooks that I can use for a free subscription? It is showing "Bucket suspended, hook limits reached"

Hi, there's a limit on a free tier :slight_smile: I bumped yours to 1000, should get unsuspended in the next ~10 minutes

Thanks a lot, grateful to you :slight_smile:

Hi @rusenask / all

If I want to track the whole family, is it a simple case of creating an owntracks bucket for each device ?

I think you can forward everything to a single bucket, the payload should have the identifier for the device, however I haven't tried tracking more than one device :slight_smile:

Hello @rusenask, is it possible by any chance to get the weather data along with tracking location?

Thanks and regards,

Priyesh Mathur