Parsing ser. buffer


i want to parse a serial buffer. the format is a little tricky (for me).

The data i need comes with a 7number following with the info, after each info a carriage return tells me there is a new info. But the carriage return arrives in front of a new info.
So i can split the message after the second arrived message. That's not a problem.

I make a function node for split the "\r\n". But this Function split also all other info to different payloads.
Because the info comes also with whitespaces.

The result i want to have is one payload with the 7 digit and the follwing info.
It's to tricky for me to get this working :frowning:

i try some nodes for parsing/buffering...


CR/LF 123457 INFO1 CR/LF 123457 INFO2 CR/LF 123457 INFO3 and so on

it where nice for some little help :expressionless:


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