Pass array to TypedInput type "json"

Hi folks,

I have a TypedInput of type "json", and I pass a default array to it:

But when I open the JSON editor, the array is considered incorrect:


So the quotes and rectangular brackets are gone.
Must be something stupid, but need a fresh pair of eyes to look at this code snippet ...

Thanks !!

Is as the value really a Javascript object allowed or only a stringified JSON?

If the type is JSON, then it expects it's value to be a JSON string, not a JavaScript array

I was wondering the same thing last night, because the name "json" already tells everything. But since Node-RED is Javascript objects all over the place, I thought that it had to be a Javascript array (and me using it somehow incorrectly)...
And I was so sure that I already had used it before, but couldn't find anything...

@knolleary: thanks for the explanation and confirmation!

If anybody is ever searching for it:

  • Set the "json" typedInput value:
    myInputField.typedInput("value", JSON.stringify(value || []));
  • Get the "json" typedInput value:
    var value = JSON.parse(myInputField.typedInput('value'));
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Not really Bart, you should use RED.util.evaluateNodeProperty which will parse the JSON according.

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Ah yes Steve,
That is why I couldn't find it anymore. After a heavy day at work completely forgotten about that one...
Every time I look at that functions parameters, I always have to remind myself whether this is used for node or msg fields or both.

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