Passing digest credentials to http-request node

Hi ,
I am struggling with using the stock http-request node
You can set URL and METHOD with msg properties but not authentication options

I have a flow that pulls the url, method and credentials
This works fine with basic because I can set headers in a change node
I understand Digest is more complicated and can use crypto-js node to create a digest hash but it isnt just the password that is hashed

Can anyone point me towards info to either edit the stock http-request node to accept credentials via msg or a function to build the digest header before send msg to http-request

End result is would like a dashboard that can request still images from several image stores that use different methods and credentials so these can not be static

Any guidance welcome

If the credentials need some processing (digest hash before adding them to msg.headers) then, as you noticed also, you'll need a Function node. If you need the crypto-js library for that then you can require it using functionExternalModules option.

Using the functionExternalModules option

Thanks UnborN
You are correct that I would use a function node with crypto-js as external module but I am looking for more information regarding the hash construction that http-request uses as it is perfectly functional when I can use credentials statically

How to build a http digest hash are in the http RFCs documents

Specifically RFC 7616 - HTTP Digest Access Authentication

Exactly what I was looking for
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