Password in Node-RED

Hello everyone, hoping that you are all very well, I wanted to enter a password myself to node red by the "Username/password based authentication " and then enter them in node-red it throws me “Login failed”.

To create the password in bcrypt format I am using this website “BCrypt | Password Hashing

Greetings and thanks.

I wouldn't share a password with a 3rd party. Did you see the instructions here.

Thanks for the answer, yes, I have seen the instructions but I have no results.

I have put the 3 commands and nothing happens.

You can see that in this screenshot.

I have Node-Red installed on an Onion Omega controller and that's why it's hard for me to find documentation.

Thanks in advance and greetings.

I think node-red admin hash-pw only works with recent versions. What version are you using?


bcrypt seems to be missing, try:

npm install -g bcrypt

and then

node -e "console.log(require('bcrypt').hashSync(process.argv[1], 8));" your password

then copy the hash to the settings.js file in the adminAuth section.

and then clear the terminal history

history -c

Also you need to restart Node-RED after this.

I can´t install bcrypt

I have v1.2.9 of Node-Red

Thanks in advance and greetings.

Just checked, the first command node-red admin hash-pw should work with your Node-RED version.

Maybe the path to node-red is not known. Do you know the location?

I am not very clear about the location but I know that I can enter the settings.js file with this address:

vi /root/.node-red/settings.js

Unfortunately, I don't know the mentioned controller. How do you start/restart Node-RED usually?

Hello, @fsaavedra and welcome to the community.

I don't know anything about the issue you're having but I see that npm is telling you that your node.js it too old. Version 16 is current but I don't think you can use it with NR v 1.x. I suggest you update your node package to v12 or maybe v14 and try again.

Whilst the advice from @LosinIt is well intentioned, it is not the cause of the issue here.

The node-red admin hash-pw command will work once you identify where exactly the node-red command it.

To figure that out, the question is as @rko asked - how do you start Node-RED?

Hi everyone and thanks!!

Nodered I start it from a web ui that provides a device called IoT Edge computer from, I am really interested in solving this problem and I have read a lot but I have not found the solution

On the top of image you can see Node-Red.


Can you show us the Node RED tab. Maybe there are hints there.

Here I show you some screenshots that are from: Web UI - Nodered - Shell in a box.


As Nick said earlier...

The node-red admin hash-pw command will work once you identify where exactly the node-red command is

Try linux find..
find . -name node-red

Also, what does npm root -g tell you?

Once you find the path to node-red, then you can cd to it's path.

This shows me the commands that I enter

Try running node /usr/lib/node_modules/node-red/red.js admin hash-pw

Thanks for the support, I managed to enter the command and then enter a password, then copy that password in the settings.js.

But after trying to enter with the entered password, it tells me an error.

I repeated the procedure 3 times



Did you restart Node-RED after you changed the settings.js file?

Yes, I restart the device and I can verify that Node-red restarted because the display to enter user appears.( before it was commented)

Can you try a very simple password like 123 first? I saw that your terminal is an emulation in the browser - maybe some special signs are not translated correctly.

Or just type the password in the browser terminal to verify it's the expected password.