Password management with nodered

I would create a node red project for password management using an encrypted db

have some one a tutorial?
many thanks

You will need to give a lot more information if you want people to help. Is this part of a bigger environment? What kind of DB? Are the passwords for access to Node-RED itself (Editor), a UI created with Node-RED or something else?

thank you for your answer. I would like create a database in sql where store account and password and I would like manage the code using a UI.

Node-RED has 2 parts. The Editor for admin and writing flows. Dashboard (and similar tools such as uibuilder) which create user interfaces for end users.

In Node-RED, "managing the code" is done in the Editor which has its own security. Managing access to an end-user interface is different and there are multiple possibilities.

Which do you wish to do?

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