Payload: "error: date/time field value out of range: "1651045559726 07:00:00""

Hi, i got date/time field value out of range error,. using PostgreSQL,getting date/time value for today and tomorrow. it is working fine, some times the date/time format node gives timestamp value, not in YYYY-MM-DD,

What is generating the input value? Not clear from the image what generates the output in the red box.

I have an issue in Date/Time format node. I am collecting the current date and time, then formatting to YYYY-MM-DD as output from "today" (date/time formate node). I am getting in payload - YYYY-MM-DD format, if u see in the image "tgl1", after some time, say less than a minute, I m getting payload without formatting, like timestamp, marked in box, After that again getting YYYY-MM-DD format,

When the error comes, the payload is the current timestamp, if no error payload is the current date. It comes continuously, not random

This is the node m using:

Not sure what is going on but the whole flow seems a little over-engineered and unnecessary. The inject node's default payload is a timestamp which is the current date and time. If you only need todays date, set the inject to run every 24hrs by setting it to a specific time.

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