Performance / Efficiencies - best practice?

Having a lot of mqtt (out)nodes in my flows (must sound familiar), I was wondering if there is a best practice / best optimisation of (mqtt) node use.

Is there a performance impact/optimisation of using a lot of mqtt out nodes versus using a single mqtt-out node that are all linked using link nodes ?

I guess it does not apply only to mqtt, but in general, is there a degrade/gain to reuse single out-nodes via links nodes ?

Adding the link nodes does mean the message has to go through more 'hops' between nodes before it gets published. But I doubt you'd notice the difference to be honest.

From a memory standpoint, if you are replacing N MQTT nodes with 1 MQTT node, but adding in (N+1) Link nodes, then overall you will have more node objects in the flow. Again, I doubt whether that is a difference you'd be able to measure unless you are doing things at a pretty massive scale.


It is important that all the nodes use the same mqtt config node. But I have little doubt you have done that already. Worth saying though for others that may see this.


@colin Why? what is the reason?

Since the broker connection is kept open and shared between all user nodes it wouldn't make much of a difference, since all messages have to be handled in the same NodeJS process anyway. :thinking:

What could have an impact is the usage of wildcards vs. distinct topics (on a larger scale).

Each config node represents a separate connection to the broker.

if you want to maximise efficiency, use the same config node so you only have one connection to the broker.

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Sorry I should have mentioned that, but yes I assumed a single config.

Just in case there is some confusion over terminology when you create an MQTT In/Out node there are actually two nodes involved. The In/Out node that you see on the flow and the config node that it uses to connect to the mqtt broker. On the In/Out node configuration is a drop down box to select the server (ie broker), each broker maps to a config node. So in the dropdown there should generally only be one entry for each MQTT broker that you wish to connect to,

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