Permissions Error for Advanced Logger

I feel like I am missing something very simple here and it is infuriating, I must be an idiot.

I installed node-red on my raspberry pi using the instructions at Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED

Everything is setup and running, I create a flow which uses the advanced logger (node-red-contrib-advance-logger)

But no matter where I tell node-red to save this file I always get "Error: EACCES: permission denied"

I am currently trying /var/local/logs.json (The file is there)

I have set chown 1000 on that folder based on a reccomendation from another thread.
I also enabled the contextStorage module:"localfilesystem" in the settings.json file.

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As an experiment, try saving it to the node red users folder, usually /home/pi

Unfortunately I get the same error

I see the node has not been updated for 4 years, it may be that it does not work with current versions of nodejs. You could try submitting an issue on the node's github page but I suspect it is no longer supported.

Okay I will look into that. What node do you use to save log files? I am just trying to write data from http request to a file.


You could use the File node from the core node red. With that you can overwrite a file or add to the end.

or node-red-contrib-flogger (no need to worry about managing files)

Using the file node gives the same error as the other logger node.

Stop node red and start it again in a terminal, then trigger the error. Post the terminal output from start to the error. Also show us how you have configured the file node.

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