Pi turn on via Node Red

Hi guys,

New problem for you all -

I`ve been struggling with ideas for how to start up a pi if it crashes on Node Red.

My concept -

I have two pis, one acting as a heart beat passing a ping across. If the ping comes back negative/ ie the pi is unresponsive I want a way for that Pi to restart the other Pi thats unresponsive. I thought this might be something I could do with an I/O hat or something along those lines? Im aware you cant sent I/O power commands via ethernet.

An Idea I did have was that I have a Siemens S7 1200 which I could use as a I/O connector to power the two pis, when either fail then I could use a command to the Siemens S7 to restart the power to the unresponsive Pi.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you!

Or you could power them via something like Sonoff Basic programmed with, for example, Tasmota.

Are you sure the pi has completely crashed though? That is very rare unless there is a hardware problem. Next time this happens, then after reboot, have a look back in /var/log/syslog to see why it stopped.

One possibility is that the power supplies are not up to the job, or possibly the pis are connected to an external device which is sending spikes into the pi and crashing it.

That's never a good idea, much better to do a controlled restart. Why do you expect a Pi to become unresponsive?

I meant in a theoretical sense. I havent had a time the pi becomes unresponsive I'm just eliminating the issue if it comes around.

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