pidCrypt in Node red

There is a JavaScript function below: How do I import the javascript library into node red?

var key = encryptionKey();
var asn, tree;
rsa = new pidCrypt.RSA();
decodedKey = pidCryptUtil.decodeBase64(ekey);

asn = pidCrypt.ASN1.decode(pidCryptUtil.toByteArray(decodedKey));
tree = asn.toHexTree();


console.log= pidCryptUtil.encodeBase64(pidCryptUtil.convertFromHex(rsa.encrypt(passw += '|' + etime)));

As this is a question and you aren't actually sharing a project, it should be in the general category please. You will be much more likely to get a useful response then.


actually, it is a section of the code where I can't replace using node-red

Found some source code in npm.
How to convert them to Node in node red?

This is covered in the docs. You can use node.js modules in Node-RED in a few ways depending on what you are trying to do.

  1. Load into global using settings.js
  2. Load into a function node
  3. Wrap the module in a custom node.

also note there are some more node.js type libraries that may help

The aim is to use create some dashboards on node-red.

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