Place images inside HTML with ui_dashboard

i'm developing a list of people and i want to place images on the side of their names

the code is something like

<table border="1">
        <td>Pedro Pascal</td>
        <td><<img src="C:\Users\dague\Pictures\tttt\image1.jpg" width="500" height="600">></td>


and it just returns this:

how i do that?
i dont think the ui_media would be a good node to use because it will be based on sql and i cant know how many data will be displayed

In settings.js there is a setting for httpStatic, you need to set this path to a location where you want to serve your images from. Then restart NR.

eg create a folder in your NR directory called images and set the path to './images' then use

<img  src="filename">

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