Possible bug ( UI dashboard switch node or function switch Node)

Looking at the exported flow, there are two wires from the ui switch to the Switch. How the system could get into this state I don't know, and what is the best way to get out of it I don't know. Perhaps delete those nodes and recreate them.

I think this may need someone like @knolleary to look at it.

@Colin Yeah that's the problem, if you delete the first one the second one isn't select able until you refresh the screen then you can delete it.
i couldn't directly reproduce it after, had to copy that one over.
Phew thought it was just me lol.

if you look at the json data i posted it actually shows up a duplicate wire name

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Yes, I said that.

I could not understand the issue for quite sometime,

There appears to be only one connection between UI Switch and Switch Node,
but when you introduce another node in between, there appears another 'hidden' wire, which you cannot 'select' but disappears when ui switch node is deleted.


Infact, there seems to be infinite wires hidden there :astonished:

There are only two, as you saw from the export, but I guess the software is confused by that illegal condition.
Have you any idea how you got to that state?

@Colin. No idea just dropped a ui switch and a switch node then linked them. Had me chasing my tail for hours. Didn't drag anything in between at any point.
Done a few more tests and can't reproduce it again.

For the record, what browser are you using?

@vikingsraven there has been another reported case which looks similar to yours

I have submitted an issue on github so the developers will see it. Could you subscribe that the issue so you can answer any questions the developers may have, please?

I could replicate the error and i use Google Chrome with latest update


Could you add that to the github issue please, including how to replicate it.

sorry, i meant i could 'see' the problem after copying and deploying the flow provided by @vikingsraven. I could not replicate the issue on my own from scratch.

@smanjunath211 I presume you do mean that you are able to create the situation with duplicated wires, not just that you see the wire delete problem once you have duplicate wires. The wire delete problem is not a significant issue as it should not be possible to get into that situation in the first place.

Yes, i am unable to create the situation where 2 wires are shown simultaneously connected between 2 nodes.

@Colin I posted on the Github issue page a case that it happens to me and that I could replicate every time .. and thats is when i use the undo (Ctrl-Z). I posted an animated gif showing how to test.

Node-RED version: v2.2.0
Node.js version: v14.18.2
Windows 10
tested both Firefox and Chrome.

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Yes, now, I could replicate it too. by Ctrl-Z between two deploys

Node-RED v2.2.0
Node.js version: v14.17.0
Windows 10
Google Chrome

OK, I didn't realise that you had found a fully repeatable method. Excellent work.
I thought you meant that you thought it was something to do with that but it was not repeatable.

hehe .. my wording was a bit confusing .. i meant it happened to me a few days ago but i didnt report it sooner because i couldnt replicate it. Now that more people saw it also i tested a bit more and managed to find a case. (edited my post on github to explain more clearly)

That explains why, when I looked at it again a minute ago, I could not see why I was confused. :slight_smile:

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