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Hi all!

I have just started exploring my way around Node-RED so please excuse my ignorance and bear with me.
What I have seen so far is that it's possible to POST data in a streaming PowerBI dataset.
This implementation works well and is possible to get real time information on a PowerBI dashboard based on that data.

What I also want is to create reports from that data which means that the data should be pushed and stored somewhere that PowerBI will be able to read from to create the reports.

Therefore I am wondering what do you people use? Do you push them into a database and what database do you use? The data that I would like to push is JSON formatted and probably a Mongo DB would look like a good approach but I am not so sure if PowerBI can read from.
Do you have a different approach?

I guess the question here is if someone has implemented anything similar and where would you push data to create reports from PowerBI?

Thank you a million for your time and looking forward for your answers.

Kind regards

PowerBI is an analytics tool so you will be best off keeping your data in a database though you can certainly use CSV or even JSON files as well if you wanted to.

Also worth noting that the same engine that powers PowerBI is also used in Excel for PowerQuery.

A quick search turned up a few articles on using PowerBI with MongoDB so it would seem to be possible.

Hi @TotallyInformation,

and thanks for taking the time to look into my question.

As said I am mostly curious if people have implemented anything similar and what have they used for such an approach. Something known to be working or something that I should probably avoid...


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