Postgresql in nodered connection error

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I'm using postgresql and also installed the pgadmin3 in Rpi, Now Comes to Node red flows where i can not get the data , which i used to send query.

this is format query node:

PostGre node:

My server name is : PLC
as I see in pgadmin3


Why I'm not getting my output?

What is the status node injecting into the postgres node ? Why would you need the status node ?
The error describes the problem: payload must be an array of queries.

"SELECT * FROM test Where 1=1;" is a bit strange "SELECT * FROM test" is the same.

yes but if the postgre is connected or not its status is not shown below its node as mysql show us.

@bakman2 so what should i do? Is there any problem in my configuration?

Ya I also changed it that but not working, as you seen above is all configuration all right?

Can you clarify what problem you are seeing? Is it that the node does not show a status or that you are not getting any results. If the latter (or both) then

  1. Which postresql node are you using (probably node-red-contrib-something) there appear to be a good handful of possible nodes it could be.
  2. The original error message you posted said that the payload had to be an array of queries. Do you believe that error is incorrect? If the error is valid have you fixed that and what error do you get now?
  3. Start node-red in a terminal and copy/paste the startup log here (it is the log with the Welcome to node-red message that we want).

I wanted the output as I wrote the query. For the status node it is just for see if it is connected or not (take it normal).


Yes As i searched the syntax for selecting a query is to be different i think, I changed it like this
but now I'm not getting any error or output

inside the function node

postgred db

That is because your debug node is disabled.

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ohh My bad Thanks you so much @Colin
Thank you @ghayne and @bakman2 for response.

Looking at the source of that node -
it doesn't seem to have any node.status calls so it won't show anything under the node.