Posting code looks different even when using ticks

I don't post a lot of code to the forum but I noticed that when I did today it looks different now. As I recall the entire code would be compressed to a single line before but now it is much larger. Did something change or am I hallucinating again?

or am I hallucinating again?

Its been a tough few years for us all :wink:
I usually add the 3 backticks my self and add a type, and then paste my JS code between them.

/* My JS Code */
function hallucinate(){


As for JSON, no different other than ensuring its been formatted - else it may have no line breaks, indentation.

I don't use the code formatting option on the post editor.

Gerry are you exporting the code compact or formatted? if you select compact(newlines and carriage returns etc removed) you get one line. Setting in export window when view json in text form.

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I actually stopped adding the type in forum posts as I don't think all of the appropriate formats are loaded. I found that the results are worse with the type than without. I think this did change some time last year or maybe early this year.

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