Posting PDF-files multipart/form-data

I have a problem when trying to post a PDF-file in multipart/form-data.
Below code in a function node:

msg.headers = {};
msg.headers['Content-Type'] = "multipart/form-data; boundary=------------------------d74496d66958873e";
msg.headers['Authorization'] = 'Bearer '+msg.token;

msg.payload = '--------------------------d74496d66958873e'+
'Content-Disposition: form-data; name="Title"'+ 
fileName +
'Content-Disposition: form-data; name="files"; filename="file.pdf"' 
'Content-Type: application/octet-stream'+

msg.url = "https://fqdn/v0.1/companies/1782/candidates/1234/attachments";

I'm "injecting" this in to a http request node...

This works fine with txt-files, but when trying with PDF, the document gets destroyed.
msg.payload comes from a file in node delivering the msg.payload as "a single buffer object"

Any one with thoughts or ideas on this?

Kjell Brandes

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