Power flow card - again

Again a reopen of power card topic- see(Energy flow widget)
Here my implementation based on the work of some people of this forum: Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:
flows(84).json (40.3 KB)
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I use the animated energy card in HA, and I'm delighted to have just discovered this portage in NR.
It would be possible to document a little more the inputs expected by the various nodes of your flow.
This way, you could find the standardized entities from HA and then use them in your flow to animate the Power flow card.
In any case, it's very nice of you to share your work.


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Keep in mind that not everybody is using home assistant (most on this forum don't).

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Thanks, was a bit trail and error to find out what was what but figured it out eventually :slight_smile:

Hello WP-Rue. Thanks for your Work. Maybe there is already an update or an improvement?

Indeed I have worked further on this project and have little improvements.. I can upload tomorrow…but the main goal was to show a possibility for realisation of a power flow card in node red…
One disadvantage of this widget seems to be the usage of a lot of cpu-power: Raspi4 with touch display and chrome running uses +35% for showing this widget. Any idea why?

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flows-2.json (17.2 KB)
Power of some lines added. One bug was in the first version at the end of the function: the speed of the green line (wallbox) was calculated to a redline value. Fixed in the here uploaded version.

My opinion to this flow: you have to understand it and adapt it to your own home energy flows. It should work as an template to adapt to your own requirements...

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