Power Measurement board


Has anybody had any experience getting these to work with node-red and tasmota?

Expandable 6 Channel ESP32 Energy Meter Main Board – CircuitSetup

Seems it works with home assistant

Just about to dive into it and there isn't much info out there

I think you have the solution here in the link below (that you actually provided by yourself). You eeven have a 30 min video to enjoy. Use a ESP32 device and ESPHome, then communicate with NR via MQTT, dead simple, so efficient and stable

Cant see any video?

The information provided isnt very comprehensive.

I think either EmonESP or ESPhome.. but neither seem straight forward?

Yeah, you might be the first wanting this!? What more would you need, this is a solution using an ESP32 and MQTT. You have ready made yaml example files. If you are the first, you may have to do the work yourself. If you are not familiar with configuring & using ESPHome and ESP devices, well that would be a general starting point, well worth investing your own time

You have to do some self-reading of the documents you are linking to :wink:

Got it sus'd

All good ... not the easiest.. just have to bang your head against the wall for awhile till the penny drops

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