Predictive Maintenance Node

Hi everyone, we just published our first custom node: node-red-contrib-elipsa-predictive-maintenance-cloud

The node requires an API Access Key for authentication but you can get one free on our website:

The goal of this project is to make our predictive maintenance templates native to node-red. We are looking to design the fastest and easiest way to get started with AI-based predictive maintenance in node-red.

User's can create AI templates via our APIs that define the names of the sensors you are monitoring for a machine/device and the number of data points required to train a model. The node-red predictive maintenance node is simply configured with the template settings and we automate the rest in terms of aggregating data, building the models, and making predictions.

Please check it out!


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Great stuff , do u have an example flow and user dashboards to start with ?

Great to see a predictive maintenance node for Node-RED.

Your product could be combined with our advanced wireless vibration and temperature sensor system:

The sensors are IP67, ultra compact and allow you to take a lot more 16-bit triaxial data (up to 16,384 or more samples at each axis). This allows users to do more reliable predictive analysis.

The software on the wireless gateway is based on Node-RED, which allows for easy integration with your node:

How much payload (sensor data) does your node take each time?


We don't have an example flow to share as it will differ based on the data points that you are looking to monitor but it should be as straight forward as a function node to format the payload and then either our custom node or even the standard http request node to call our API. Here are a few resources to describe how to get started:

Using Http Request Node
Using MQTT
Elipsa's Custom Node

You can get signup for a free account on our website to get started.