Problem Getting Image in Template Node

I looked around the form, but could not get anything to work correctly.

I want to simply display an image in the dashboard template node.

I have my image file in the .node-red\node_modules\node-red-dashboard\dist folder
and I can view the image in the browser at localhost:1880/ui/Alarm_On.png

The code in the Template Node is

<div><img ng-src="http:/localhost:1880/ui/Alarm_On.png"></div>

Why doesn't this display the image?


Are you isomg the template node or ui_template node?


could you provide the flow? Make sure to read this first: How to share code or flow json

The flow is an Inject Node to Trigger the ui_template node, the code is in my first post. It's that simple...

Instead of:
<div><img ng-src="http:/localhost:1880/ui/Alarm_On.png"></div>
<div><img src="http:/localhost:1880/ui/Alarm_On.png"></div>


Also, it needs to start http:// not http:/

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Thanks, I thought I needed the ng-src in there. Also had a type-o on the http://.