Problem to open with excel with csv file generated from nodered

i have a problem with a flow. I use a file node to save a csv content on disk
i use utf8 encoding
if i open the file with notepad the content is ok and character with accent are well displayed.
if i open with excel directl i observed excel change the character with accent.
i understand to solve this issue the encoding used should be utf8 with bom but this format is not available in nodered file node .
Is there a fix for this ?

What version of Node-red are you running?
UTF8 is an option for the file-out node on my Node-red v2.2.0

An example of text saved using that option:

Icaraí é um bairro da área

sure but utf8 option is not enough...
to be able to open the file directl in excel with need to be able to save with format utf8 with BOM.

the paliative solution i have put in place is a function node before to download the file
var stringutf8 = msg.payload
var universalBOM = "\uFEFF";
msg.payload= universalBOM+stringutf8
return msg;

But i think it can be usefull to have utf8 with BOM format in the list for encoding

OK. I don't have Excel, my CSV imports fine into LibreOffice Calc.

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