Problem with loops

Hi guys!

I am trying to implement a way for the firestore database to become more dynamic and I have succeeded, I just need one thing.

The flow:

the orange node is the firestore node (node-red-contrib-cloud-firestore) and the loop node is the node-red-contrib-loop-processing.
So, I'm taking all the names of the collections from my database to create a path and set it in msg.firestore.collection, for example: "place / nameOfKey / locker". It worked, I can get the data for each collection in the same stream separately. However, when updating the database (firebase), only the data from the last collection is updated. I can't think of a way to update any of the collections. Would anyone have any tips?

Thank you for your attention, thank you very much!

flows (4).json (2.9 KB)

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