Problem with text input mode email address

Hello everyone,

I want to put several text input but in email address mode.

How can I save the variable in a function node with flow.set and flow.get?

Function 1
var email1 = msg.payload;
return msg;

Function 2
var email = flow.get('email1');
msg.payload = email;
return msg;

It doesn't work, how can I do it?

Thank you very much!

Best regards

Your "function 2" has no wires connected to it's input so it's code will never be executed.

This has been explained in your other forum post.

I want to take the flow.get here, when I get a true result, it sends a message

This has been explained in your other forum post.

I know, sorry if I can't put another post here. I also wanted to put it here because it is a dashboard problem, maybe there are more specialised people here.

It's working now! I was doing it right, I don't know why I didn't check it properly.

Thank you very much

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