Problems after upgrade to v. 2.2

Dear all,
Till today I was having v.1.3.x and it was working fine. SInce I wanted to have Monaco editor, I upgraded to v.2.2.
After upgrade everything seems fine. ALso all the flows were working until, I entered into some functions. I didn't change anything, but after deploy, nodes are not deployed any more. I am getting errors, they are not configured correctly.
Any idea?
This is very frustrating for me. Can I downgrade it?

Do you get any red triangles over those nodes .. meaning that they are not configured correctly ?
What are those nodes and can you expand a little of what errors you get ?
Maybe a screenshot of the errors can be helpful and if its a Function node that is giving the error .. share the code to check if the syntax is correct. (it could be possible that Monaco is less forgiving on some Javascript syntax errors than Ace - the previous editor)

Yes, I am getting a triangle. I am getting them on Function node.
The problem is, that I don't know where the error is.
But I went step by step, And I realized that this piece of code is problematic:

d = new Date,
dformat = [d.getMonth()+1,
    d.getFullYear()].join('/')+' '+
    dtstmp = new Date().toString();

The error is in first line.

you have to define a new variable with let or var

let d = new Date,
    dformat = [d.getMonth() + 1,
    d.getFullYear()].join('/') + ' ' +

let dtstmp = new Date().toString();

Exactly .. Monaco underlines the error :wink:


1 Like're right.
I didn't define d as variable. After that, it is working. I had this piece of code in majority of problematic functions. It looks like "ace" ignored that kind of mistakes.
Thank you very much!


Yes, Monaco is very much more aggressive (correctly so) at spotting coding errors. Truth is that ACE is rather long in the tooth now.

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